How To Choose Android/iOS App Development Framework?

Today there are more than 5 million apps on the playstore (Android + Apple). The mobile app development is now a leading sector in the software and IT field. The competition among companies is high, and jumping in that competition can be the most challenging task of your life.

It is because developing a mobile application for the customers and clients to do online business is not easy and needs a right selection of technology stack along with the framework for iOS app development and framework for Android app development.

Also, to succeed in the app development market, you need to become successful in choosing cost-effective app development solutions. To help you out with this, we are today going to tell you, “How to choose an app development framework?”

While you browse the internet, you will get top methods, best guides, tips, and tricks to choose a framework for app development. Though some will give you the best guidance, others will create dumpers on your road to create the best mobile application.

Anyhow, whatever is your process, remember that the success of any mobile app is entirely dependent on the framework or app development platform chosen by you!

Mobile Application Frameworks & Its Types!

I would clear your one doubt, i.e., between the Android app and iOS App, which one is best to make and launch in the market.?

The answer is Android application because there are more users of apps in Android rather than iOS! Put your more focus on Android application development. You can also contact and hire Android app developers in USA to make budget-friendly applications.

A mobile app development framework is a library that consists of different features and functionalities and helps in developing mobile applications. Currently, there are three types of app development frameworks:

Cross-platform App Development Framework: Best for startups

Native App Development Framework: Create complex mobile apps

Hybrid App Development Framework: Develop native and web solutions

First, choose the type of app you want to develop!

Once your approach towards app development is finalized, you are now free to choose world-class application development companies. In case, if you wish to develop your mobile application yourself, then you must have a good idea on the latest technology stack for mobile app development.

The better decision you take, the lower the app development cost becomes!

Let’s learn about the right technology stack!

What is Technology Stack for Mobile App Development?

App development platform, application programming languages, app interface designing tools, back end database tools of apps, and application testing frameworks together make the right mobile app development tech stack.

All these in a nutshell establishes the foundation of your app!

Though we know that to make an application for iPhone, we need to use the iOS app development framework, but for Android, we have to use the Android app development framework, the Cross-Platform, Hybrid apps are those, which can work in any operating system.

As a result, among the three popular tech stacks, Native is the only one that offers us to use different frameworks for making iOS apps and Android apps.

Let’s first learn about Native!

Native Mobile App Development Framework

A native app is perfectly compatible with a single operating system at a time. For example, the Android app works well in Android phones and iOS apps on the iPhone!

“Native apps offer best device compatibility, robustness, high performance, seamless user experience, responsiveness, excellent user interface, and high security.”

The React Native app is the best native app development framework. With this framework in Android SDK, you can create Android apps, but with the iOS SDK, you can create iPhone apps.

Lyft and Pokemon GO are the two topmost Native apps that work in both operating systems.

Below is the tech stack table for developing an Android app and iOS app natively:


App Development Framework for Android iPhone App Development Framework
Programming Languages Java, Kotlin Objective-C, Swift
Toolkit Android Studio, Android Developer Tools Apple XCode, AppCode
Software Development Kit (SDK) Android SDK iOS SDK


If you want to avoid this hectic combination of technologies, then you can use the Hybrid app development approach. Let’s see how it works!

Hybrid Mobile App Development Framework

In the Hybrid app development tools and technologies are less used. In this, a CODEBASE obtained from the hybrid app practice is covered and wrapped in a native shell. Then the shell is operated as a regular mobile application.

A hybrid app simply refers to the webpages inside a native mobile container.Use CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript to make a hybrid app. Just Watch, NHS, Airbus Helicopters, are the top examples of hybrid apps

“Cordova, PhoneGap, and Ionic are the top hybrid app development frameworks!”

Such applications are best because they take less time to develop, their maintenance is easy, and they are less expensive to build!

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Framework

Cross-platform mobile development frameworks follow a single codebase approach the same as in hybrid apps. However, cross-platform also guarantees a reusable code approach that clearly saves time, effort, and money.

A developer creates an app that can run and perform well on all the mobile app operating systems. These applications are affordable, takes less time, get easily updated, and are easy to launch.

Flutter and Xamarin are the two best cross-platform app development frameworks. Bloomberg, Insightly, and Reflectly are the best example of the category apps!”

 If you are interested in making such apps, then contact the top companies in the mobile application development business. Otherwise, try learning the above-mentioned frameworks and make your own mobile app yourself!

Which is the Best Android/iOS App Development Framework to Choose?

We now basically know that there are three mobile app development approaches, i.e., Native, Hybrid, and Cross-platform.

Also, React Native, PhoneGap, Xamarian, and Flutter are the top mobile app development frameworks that help you to create iOS and Android mobile apps.

Now the choice of choosing any of the frameworks discussed above depends upon the kind of characteristics, features, and functionalities you want in your mobile apps. I just hope you do not choose any wrong framework and hire iPhone app developers in USA to create iPhone applications of the highest quality.

Hence, choose wisely!

Before leaving the blog page, do mention your comments in the below comment section and tell us about your views in choosing the right app development framework for smartphones.


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