How to Label Your Products Correctly for Amazon

Over the course of the last decade or so, Amazon has grown to become a massive company unlike any other. The company has amassed a net worth of over a trillion dollars.

In this way, it can be listed amidst one of only five companies to ever be able to reach the trillion-dollar mark. The reason for the company’s success is mainly due to the number of services it offers and how it manages both its suppliers and its customers.

Out of the many services that the company offers, Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA is one that is not to be undermined.

The service allows sellers to let Amazon store their products in warehouses and ship them directly to the customers. Now, when it comes to Amazon FBA labels, they must always be adequate and packaged with precision, here’s why:

Why Should You Have Proper Labels?

It is very important to label the product correctly in order to get the sales credit by Amazon through online selling. In addition to that, the barcodes displayed on the products aid in the validation of the delivery of products correctly.

Barcodes are a basic requirement of the Amazon fulfillment center to identify the product separately under your company’s name. This is done as such so that you can retrieve the amount for the sales made alongside being recognized as an FBA seller.

Also, there are millions of products that belong to different sellers stored in the same warehouse of fulfillment centers. Thats why labeling has a critical role that differentiating your products from the other sellers who are selling the same product. 

In order to make sure that the labeling is correct on the product, you can use the following methods:

How Can You Label Your Products?

How Can You Label Your Products?

Your products to be sold on Amazon can be labeled in the following ways:

  • Print them yourself using Amazon’s online tool.
  • Use the existing manufacturer barcodes (Only for Eligible Products)
  • FBA label service

In case you want to print the labels using Amazon’s tools, the Amazon tool service will provide you with a ready-to-print file that you can save to generate the labels for products. All you need to do is to add these blank labels to a laser printer to get the labels. In case of a larger amount of SKU shipments, you need to make sure that you select the correct option to generate the label for each page.

The Amazon system shows only 100 products per page, so in order to generate 100 separate distinguished labels for each product, you need to click on “all pages” on your shipment and generate a label file for each page. You will obtain a barcode, a number corresponding to the designated barcode known as an FNSKU label, and a product title.

Do FBA Labels Require an Amount to be Paid as Fees?

Yes, these labels may require you to pay a certain amount of Amazon FBA fees based on your product. Nonetheless, this could ensure that Amazon itself will take care of labeling the products. All you have to do is go to Amazon’s official page and mark each item or product as labeled by Amazon, and continue after paying the required Amazon FBA fees to Amazon.

The good thing about FBA is that it doesn’t just cater to larger businesses but small-scale businesses as well. The service presented by Amazon allows sellers to showcase their products on the site and lets Amazon deal with the rest. Not only that, FBA deals with the packaging and shipment and allows for the sales to be credited directly into your account. To cover these costs, however, a fee is charged depending on your products and or sales made.

Benefits of Using Amazon FBA and Labeling Service:

There are countless benefits of using the Amazon FBA program. It’s very time-saving. You don’t have to worry about hiring people to take care of logistics, labeling, and 24/7 customer service. The Amazon FBA is also very cost-effective. If you’re selling rate is good, you can save so much cost on logistics and transportation. You can just directly deliver your products from the supplier to the Amazon warehouse. Now imagine how much it can save your cost. 



All in all, in order to make sure your labels are in order, avoid putting the barcode in any corner or curved surface. In the case of products such as clothes or watches that require special packaging like bubble wrap, the label must be placed outside on the packaging, making it easily accessible.

Also, avoid photocopying the labels or using torn, faded, or smudged labels on the products. For your labels to avoid posing any issues, use a laser printer and print them at 300 DPI. Nonetheless, if you aren’t too sure regarding how these labels work, you can also partake in Amazon FBA Coaching from Amazon itself, allowing you to learn more about the company and its services. 

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How to Label Your Products Correctly for Amazon

How to Label Your Products Correctly for Amazon

Over the course of the last decade or so, Amazon has grown to become a massive company unlike any other. The company has amassed...
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