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Paying for entertainment takes the fun out of it, doesn’t it? For obvious reasons, I won’t shy away from calling ‘free online movies apps’ a necessity. Movies are something that we all watch in our free times and more often than not we end up binging a couple. This is why everyone is on a constant lookout for the best free movie apps. An application that not only has a wide array of movies but also takes care of our pocket. Many applications while broadcasted and marketed as free have some kind of monthly subscription fee not everyone can afford. Others require accessibility through illegal means.

However, most people are unaware of applications that avoid both these problems becoming the ultimate solution for all movie fans out there.


Unlike most movie applications Plex allows the users to not only stream the content available but also upload your media. This is an amazing feature that allows us to hoard our collection, all you have to do is download Plex Media Server software on the device where you want to store everything. Plex permits online streaming without a sign-up. However, making an account is for your ease. This way you can conveniently keep a track of whatever you watch on whatever device you log in to. While Plex is free it has an upgraded premium feature by the name ‘Plex Pass’. Most users only opt for the free tier because it fulfills all the basic requirements.



Tubi is the biggest free streaming service that has over 20,000 TV shows and movies. You can choose what you want to watch, at the time you choose. There is a slight disadvantage of occasional commercials but they are still less than normal tv and worth the pros the application gives. They use advertisements to fund their expenses and therefore making it completely free for users. For your ease and comfort the supported devices include Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xfinity X1, Xbox, Samsung Smart TVs, Sony Smart TVs, PlayStation, and the web.

Also check out the best tv stands and improve your viewing experience.



You get to watch movies, tv shows, and viral videos with the simplest sign-up procedure there is. No personal information except for an email account is required. Similar to Tubi, they monetize through inserting advertisements during movies Popcornflix gives an entertainment experience like no other. There is a diverse range of movies available without any subscription fee. Not only does it divide its movies as per the conventional genres but also provides newfound categories like ‘old school’, and ‘date night’. There are also documentaries for people who are not huge movie buffs. In case you are looking for the most recent blockbuster movies you will be disappointed.


Most of the content here is dated and conventional as an attempt to support independent films. However, the upside to this is that you can watch movies that you haven’t heard about or seen before.

Pluto Tv

Pluto Tv revolutionizes the entire television experience making it easily accessible on mobile phones. It can be downloaded from Google Play on any android device and app store for Apple users. It has a vast variety of sports and entertainment channels, along with movie shows and tv series. In addition to this, it also gives its users the chance to check news updates. There is CBSN which gives you news 24/7 and CNN where you will be able to find older news pieces. While the advertisements and the lack of your ability to pause or rewind live tv will give you the conventional television experience multiple features will elevate it. While the sign up is optional, additional features are offered as an incentive if you do. These additional features include CNN, MTV, and being able to access your history through any device you log in from. It also allows you to set your favorite channels or set them in a personalized order.



Vudu is one of the best movie application there is. You have to sign up to be able to watch any of the movies but you can browse through the catalog without any hassle. There are options to buy and rent movies with occasional deals for them similar to the experience you have at a physical movie store. The prices will vary according to the movie, their genre, popularity, and the age of the audience. There is a separate tab for movies that you can watch for free with labels ‘free with ads’. Thus catering to a large audience and their spending capacities. Vudu uploads new content to its collection of Hollywood blockbusters, indie films, documentaries, and kid films regularly which is its biggest advantage. It is only currently available in the United States. Along with the usual devices what is different from Vudu is that it also supports Blueray players.



Unlike other movie applications, Yidio does not have its content upload. What it does is however lead you to an array of options where you can choose to stream from. This is the reason a mobile app isn’t as user friendly as you would expect it to be. Many movies will require you to download external applications. Yidio gives you movies from different sources which means while the application itself is free, not every movie you want to watch will be. That varies on where the movie you are being sourced from. Luckily, the categorization and filters available lets you go to the free section separately. Finding advertisements throughout the movie for every free app is no shocker at this point. While Yideo has the hassle for multiple ads they are considered to be comparatively short and therefore less irritating.



Before you start watching movies you must know it is going to be worth your time. IMDb brings to you reviews, ratings, and trailers for all the movies that you can think of. For easy accessibility, it categorizes its movies as per ratings, popularity, and genre. You can even create a watch list for yourself so you don’t forget to watch a movie you saw or liked. It is an authentic source and is free. All it needs is you to sign up through either Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, or create an account as per your discretion.



Ending with an option that everyone is already aware of. Most people already have youtube download and it comes built-in in numerous mobile phones. People don’t realize that they can also use it as a platform for watching free movies. There are movies of different cultures and in different languages.

While it has a lot of variety available, you may not always find the movie that you particularly want to watch. There is no set format or structure to view all the movies and browse through them unless you type in some keyword. There is also the disadvantage of advertisements that kill the flow. Many people have uploaded incorrect videos with names that entice consumers as clickbait and it is a hassle to avoid that.

All these applications make the movie-watching experience more convenient but most of them come at the expense of watching advertisements during the movie which would remind you of your television experience. What sets them apart is the ease of device, timing, and the ability to browse through.

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