What Does Make The Shiny Greninja Difficult to Catch In a Pokemon Go Game?

Since the deployment of Pokemon Go in the public application store, it has been famous for finding and catching several types of Pokemon characters, but among them, Shiny Greninja is the toughest and most searched one. So, you must be thinking that “Why Shiny Greninja is so popular and difficult to find?” and if it is difficult, then “Is it possible for everyone to find it?”

Worry not! You’ll get answers to all your questions through this blog, and we have tried our best to cover all possible details related to the Shiny Greninja Pokemon.

What is Shiny Greninja Pokemon?

With new generations of Pokemon Go rolling out, they are also adding new Pokemon characters, in which currently we are going to talk about the second generation Pokemon. Speaking of which, the most searched character, Shiny variant of Greninja, is the second-generation Pokemon belonging to Dark/Water-types with weaknesses, like Fairy, Grass, Electricity, Bug, and a few fighting moves.

If we speak about it in a way gamers do, then Shiny Greninja is categorized with the following scores:

  • Attack Stat: 223
  • Defence Stat: 152
  • Stamina Stat: 176

The statistics of this Pokemon are making many players inquisitive to find and catch it regardless of the difficulty types.

Due to the popularity of the Pokemon Go game, many new players are emerging with it without having knowledge about types of Pokemon, their strengths, and weaknesses. Some of them, via hearing other pro players talk, raises questions like “Can I catch a Shiny Greninja in Pokemon Go Game?” or “Is it possible to catch this Pokemon in a Pokemon Go Game?”

Let’s read the further sub-titles to know their answer.

Is It Possible to Catch Shiny Greninja In Pokemon Go Game?

Shinny Greninjas are very random and tough to catch, but if we ask, “Why?” Then the answer is, Shiny Greninja contains two strongest moves, such as Bubble and Surf, with a score of – 2,654 Max CP.

After reading this, many readers might find it offensive, like other Greninja can be caught easily or with some more bit of effort, but, “what makes Shiny variant of Greninja so special?” Hence, here is the answer, they are quite similar to other, normal Greninja Pokemon with the slightest difference, which is their deep blue colour rather than normal dark black-grey colour.

Furthermore, the Shiny character of Greninjas have evolved variants of Frogadier and is thus also known as an evolved form of Froakie.

Keeping the intro part aside, let’s move to the main question, which is “Can one really find and catch a shiny variant of greninja?” It may sound absurd or way too straightforward, but unfortunately, Shiny Greninja cannot be caught in the Pokemon Go game as of now due to its yet to be released on the game version.

Although you may find many people teasing like they have caught this most found Pokemon character, it can never be found, at least with this the latest version of Pokemon Go.

Considering the rumors from the developers of Pokemon Go, there are chances that in the near future, developers might release the Shiny Greninja Pokemon with their upcoming game updates. Thus, there is hope for Pokemon Go game lovers to finally be able to catch their most desired Pokemon and celebrate their victory.

Wrapping Up:

So, coming to an end, we can say that this was it for now in the topic of the most desired and powerful Pokemon variant named Shiny Greninja.

Keep reading our blog and stay up-to-date with the latest release news about the Pokemon Go game and much other virtual entertainment industry-exclusive information.

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